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Emergency Procedures

Instructions for Parents

Important: Parents should read this information and share it with the person(s) designated to pick up students(s) following a disaster. In the event of an earthquake or major disaster, your child will remain at his/her school, under the care and supervision of school personnel, until you or your appointed designee(s) retrieves your child. Your child may only be released to you or the person(s) designated on the student emergency card.

  1. Students will be picked up at the release gate located in the parking lot by the front office (main campus and annex).
  2. When you arrive at school do not go beyond the student release gate area.
  3. Follow the instructions of school personnel at the release gate area. It was found that a major problem after the Whittier earthquake was that parents, in a state of panic, were crashing gates to locate their children on campus.


 Your cooperation is essential! Question or concerns may be directed to the Principal

Smog Alert
A county program has been initiated to limit the activity of children during periods of smog alerts. During high-risk days the district office maintains telephone contact with the Department of Air Pollution. As soon as the ozone content reaches the critical point, the local schools are telephones. At that point, physical activity will be limited for all children until either the end of the alert or regular dismissal time.